The case for live golf and tennis

July 11, 2018 Suzana Popovic-Montag Estate & Trust, Estate Planning, Uncategorized Tags: , , 0 Comments

I realize from our summer students that golf and tennis may be past their “best before date” in the sporting world. Kids today are more likely to know names like Sydney, Ronaldo, and LeBron, than Brooke Henderson and Alexander Zverev.

Not surprisingly, when it comes to attending professional sporting events live, most people think of sports like hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball (football has a place too, of course). While these can be great events, I’d argue that nothing beats the variety of experience and the excitement that golf or tennis provide when you see it live.

There are two main reasons:

  • Every shot is meaningful. The beauty of pro tennis and golf is that there is always a lot on the line. In tennis, a single loss means the player is gone. You are literally watching players fight for their survival. Even in golf, players are competing over just a four-day period, with more than $1 million usually going to the winner. Does a missed shot matter during an 82-game basketball season? Usually not. But an errant shot in golf or tennis could put a player out of the tournament.
  • It’s a serendipitous fan experience. With a golf or tennis tournament, your ticket gives you an opportunity to create your own experience. With tennis, you can wander to any of multiple courts in action – and in the early stages of a tournament, you’re likely to see top-ranked players on small, intimate back courts that put you just a few steps from the action. Golf is the same – no two spectators will have the same experience. You can follow a group of players around the course, or park yourself on any hole to see how multiple players approach their shots.

I don’t think there are many other sports that allow you to “stumble upon” so many unexpected moments. So, with summer here, consider taking in a live golf or tennis event.

  • Men’s golf: RBC Canadian Open – July 23-29 (Glen Abbey, Oakville)
  • Women’s golf: CP Women’s Open – August 20-26 (Wascana Country Club, Regina)
  • Men’s tennis: Rogers Cup – August 3-12 (Aviva Centre Stadium, Toronto)
  • Women’s tennis: Rogers Cup – August 3-12 (Uniprix Stadium, Montreal)

Of course, golf and tennis events in U.S. border states (such as US Open tennis in New York City in late August) can also make for a very rich experience.

Thank you for reading … have a great day!
Suzana Popovic-Montag

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