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Our co-founder Rodney Hull was one of the first lawyers in Canada to specialize in estate and trust issues – and with his son, Ian, built our firm into Canada’s premier estate, trust and capacity litigation specialists.

Spanning more than 50 years of service, our firm has acted in Canada’s largest and most complex estate cases – including at the Supreme Court – and our lawyers have written two leading texts on estate law. We have a former Chief Justice of Ontario, along with a number of certified specialists in estate and trust law and civil litigation.

Our legal leadership continues with our lawyers writing numerous articles on estate issues and pushing the boundaries of legal knowledge with ongoing blogs and podcasts. Ian M. Hull alone speaks at more than 30 conferences a year on estate and trust issues.

When estate issues arise, there’s a lot at stake, both financially and emotionally. Legal expertise can make all the difference in obtaining a successful resolution.

We focus exclusively on estate and trust law, so when you work with us, you get close personal attention, an efficient, businesslike approach to problem solving – and a custom solution to your estate matter.

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Empowering Clients Through Technology

We are committed to keeping our clients involved and informed – and we use media to empower you with legal and practical knowledge on estate matters.

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Statement of Principles

As Licensees of the Law Society of Ontario, we stand by the following principles: 

  • A recognition that the Law Society is committed to Inclusive legal workplaces in Ontario, a reduction of barriers created by racism, unconscious bias and discrimination and better representation of Indigenous and racialized licensees in the legal professions in all legal workplaces and at all levels of seniority;
  • Our special responsibility as members of the legal profession to protect the dignity of all individuals, and to respect human rights laws in force in Ontario;
  • A commitment to advance reconciliation, acknowledging that we are collectively responsible to support improved relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Ontario and Canada; and,
  • An acknowledgement of our obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally and in our behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public.

More Information About Hull & Hull LLP

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are thought leaders in the field, have acted in Canada’s most complex estate cases and written seminal texts on estate law.


Our Awards

Our lawyers are among the premier estate and trust practitioners in the country and have won numerous awards for their work.