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12 Jun

A New Twist to Death Planning

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Death planning now includes options like buying your coffin at your favourite retailer, purchasing jewellery keepsakes that hold a loved one’s ashes, and even treating mourners at your funeral to ice cream.

For my final blog of the week, I thought that it would be appropriate to discuss Death Planning. In my limited experience, I recognize an ingredient of success is the ability to adapt to change.   Changing ideas about traditional funeral and burial practices are bringing change to this industry. A recent article in the New York Times by Gabrielle Glasser discusses personalizing your funeral service. 

Despite being in financially weary times, Glasser notes that your funeral is your last chance to be a big spender. Peter Moloney and his six brothers own six funeral homes on Long Island and have catered to customers who wish to have a customized send-off. For instance: “Bike lovers pay an extra $200 or so to take their last ride in a special hearse towed by a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Gardeners select wildflower seed packets to include with their funeral programs. One gentleman wanted to be remembered for comforting his grandchildren with ice cream, so, after the funeral, mourners were greeted by a man in a Good Humor truck, handing out frozen treats.”

I have yet to hear of a funeral home that caters to customized send-offs north of the border, but I presume that we may be a little bit more reluctant to abandon our traditional religious funerals in favour of secular ceremonies.

Before I sign-off, I would like to point out that tonight is the final game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Two of the greats will be playing tonight for Pittsburgh, Sid the Kid and Evgeni Malkin. If you tune in tonight, I am sure that you will get the opportunity to see them outskate the older, and slower Detroit Red Wings. Looking on with anticipation…

Go Pittsburgh!

Rick Bickhram


11 Jun

The New Queen of Soho

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Being immersed in the world of law, we’re constantly confronted with upsetting and often depressing stories.  It feels good to occasionally resurface to hear about a positive story.  

In the London Evening Standard, David Cohen writes about the new queen of Soho, a 23 year old, named Fawn James.  For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Soho is located in the centre of the West End of London, England, in the City of Westminster.  

Fawn James inherited £75 million from her grandfather Paul Raymond, who was well known as Soho’s property tycoon.  Paul died approximately one year ago.

In his article, Fawn James is described in a manner that we can all relate to at some point in our life, a student living on a budget.  One year later, Fawn is £75 million richer and both her and her family now controls 60 of Soho’s 87 acres.

In her first interview since inheriting her grandfather’s treasure chest Fawn says that her "first mission will be to make Soho greener.  We’re looking at retrofitting our entire stock of buildings to make them more environmentally friendly".   She’s also committed to her community, "I think it’s important to support charities operating Soho and in the coming months I’ll be assessing which one we want to assist."  As she reflects back on her time with her grandfather her only concern now is "to make him proud".  

Thank you for reading,

Rick Bickhram



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