Cremation Solutions has come up with “a new and exciting way to memorialize your loved one.”

The company offers a number of cremation urns and other mementos. One of their most notable products is the “Personal Cremation Urn”. The company offers to create a custom cremation urn in the image of your loved one, favourite celebrity, hero, or even President Obama.



The urns are made from a tough polymere compound, and come on a solid marble base. The company will create the urn using a photograph or two of the subject. 

Cremation Solutions says that the urns can have hair added digitally for short haired people, or, for longer haired subjects, a wig can be added.

The urns come in two sizes: full size, 11” tall (to hold the ashes of an adult) or keepsake sized, 6” tall, to hold a portion of the cremated ashes. Full size is $2,600 US, and keepsake sized is $600 US. Delivery is free.

Thank you to Gerry Beyer and his blog Wills, Trusts and Estates Prof Blog for the reference.

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