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14 Nov

Hull on Estates #310 – Guardianship and Capacity Issues

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Listen to: Hull on Estates Episode #310 – Guardianship and Capacity Issues 

Today on Hull on Estates, David Morgan Smith and Nadia Harasymowycz discuss guardianship and capacity issues in circumstances where incapacity is a distinct possibility, but not currently the case.

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21 Mar

2011 OBA Trusts and Estates Section Year End Dinner

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The Ontario Bar Association (OBA), Trusts and Estates Section, year end dinner is taking place on May 31, 2011 in the Distillery District in Toronto.    I, as the Chair of the Section, will have the pleasure of bringing this year to a close. The Section will also pay tribute to this year’s recipient of the Award for Excellence in Trusts and Estates, Mary MacGregor.

The Award for Excellence was created to recognize exceptional contributions and achievements by members of the OBA to the area of trusts and estates.

The criteria for the award is demonstrated leadership in the trusts and estates bar through knowledge, experience, skill, commitment, passion and strength of character, plus all or some of the following:

·         academic excellence through teaching at the Bar Admission Course, lecturing at a law school, participating in Continuing Legal Education and/or academic writing;

·         participation in the OBA Trusts and Estates Section Executive or the Law Society of Upper Canada on wills, trusts and estate matters; and

·         contribution to the development of wills, trusts and estate law.

Mary’s distinguished and esteemed career has included her unwavering commitment to, as well as the achievement of, excellence in these areas.   

In addition to the Award for Excellence, the Widdifield Award and the Hoffstein Book Prize will be presented.

For more information, please contact Blossom Pangowish, OBA Sections Co-ordinator, at (416) 869-0513, ext 399 or at blossom@oba.org or award@oba.org.


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07 Oct

Piszczek v. Zurawska – Hull on Estates #131

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Listen to Piszczek v. Zurawska

This week on Hull on Estates, Christopher Graham and Paul Trudelle discuss the recent decision in the case of Piszczek v. Zurawska that demonstrates the application of a resulting trust of joint accounts.

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07 Aug

Trusts – Hull on Estates Podcast #71

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Listen to "Trusts"

Read the transcribed version of "Trusts"

In this episode of Hull on Estates, Ian and Suzana have a discussion dealing with the use of trusts. They use the example of a case where a family put their cottage into a cottage trust, and when the children grew older, the children wanted cottages of their own.

Click "Continue Reading" for the transcribed version of this podcast.



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