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25 Jun

How has the G20 impacted your professional and non-professional life?

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It’s Friday, June 25, 2010 and as a result of the G20 summit, I am blogging remotely – from the comfort of my own home. As you know, the leaders from the G20 countries are meeting in Toronto this year to discuss key issues in the global economy.

The road leading to the summit has been a rocky one. I believe the words "fake lake" pretty much sums it up.

And you should be aware that there are traffic restrictions in effect today. For a list of the major highways with partial and full closures today through to Sunday, click here.

Even the judiciary has been impacted! If you are practicing in the area of estates, you are well aware that there were no judges sitting yesterday and there are none sitting today. My colleagues, Natalia Angelini and Paul Trudelle, noted that this was a topic of discussion at the recent Dinner with the Honourable Estates List Judges. 

Well, it’s not just the courts that are closed today. In the Globe and Mail‘s ‘local view’ blog, which is dedicated to keeping us up to date on the "disruptions" and "drama" that Toronto has experienced in the lead up to the G20 summit, Siri Agrell informs us things have become personal. What could be so personal for Torontonians? Apparently the LCBO announced that it would close 7 of their stores.

If you’ve noticed that your local LCBO store is closed today and you need to stalk up for that party you’re holding tomorrow evening (perhaps to celebrate recovery and new beginnings – this year’s G20 theme), click here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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16 Nov

The 12th Annual Estates and Trusts Summit

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The 12th Annual Estates & Trusts Summit, took place late last week on November 12th and 13th, 2009 in Toronto.  This program, organized by the Law Society of Upper Canada, presented a variety of issues which are of interest to anyone practicing in the Estates and Trusts field.

The summit spanned two days, and dealt with topics running the gamut.  Some of the Topics and Speakers included:

  • Estate Planning in Recessionary Times (Heather Evans)
  • U.S./Canada Cross-Border Planning (Beth Webel & Jim Yager)
  • Family Law and Your Estates Practice – An Update (Daniel S. Melamed, C.S.)
  • Drafting Multiple Wills (Clare A. Sullivan)
  • Estate Administration Issues (Rosanne T. Rocchi)
  • Creating Insurance Trusts to Minimize Probate Tax on Life Insurance (Robin Goodman)
  • The Exercise of Trustee Discretion (Bernadette Dietrich)
  • Practice Management Issues for Estates Practitioners (Louise F. Christofolakos)
  • Constructive Trusts and Quantum Meruit (Elizabeth A. Bozek)
  • The Standard of Care and Will Drafting (Ian M. Hull, C.S)
  • Duelling Powers of Attorney (Jordan M. Atin, C.S.)
  • The Latest Costs Issues (Shael Eisen)
  • Remedies for Non-Compliance with Court Orders (Kimberly Ann Whaley, C.S.)
  • The Top 10 Decisions Released by The Honourable Mr. Justice David Brown (Timothy G. Youdan)
  • Representing the Incapable Person (Marshall Swadron)

For a full list of speakers and topics visit the Law Society of Upper Canada Website.  If you were not able to attend, contact the Law Society of Upper Canada to obtain materials.

Nadia M. Harasymowycz

Nadia M. Harasymowycz – Click here for more information on Nadia Harasymowycz.

21 Nov


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The 11th Annual Estates and Trusts Summit was held in Toronto on November 19 and 20, 2008. This excellent program featured a number of experienced practitioners speaking on a broad array of estates and trusts topics.

Topics (and speakers) included:

  • Family Law Update (Karon Bales)
  • Shareholder Issues – The Family Business in Succession Planning (Frank Archibald)
  • Dealing with Insolvent and Bankrupt Estates (Barry Corbin and Robert Klotz)
  • The Non-Resident Factor in Estate Planning (Mary Anne Bueschkens and M. Elena Hoffstein)
  • Update on the Trust and Estate Provisions in the Protocol to the Canada/U.S. Income Tax Treaty (Beth Webel and Jim Yager)
  • New Strategies for Post-Mortem Tax Planning – The Eligible Dividend Rules and More (Heather Evans)
  • Powers of Attorney and the Duty to Account – An Update (Liza Sheard)
  • Powers of Appointment (Timothy Youdan)
  • The Will is Not the Whole Picture – Integrating the Transfer of Wealth both Inside and Outside the Estate (Wendy Templeton)
  • New Developments in Insurance and Estate Planning (Graham Carter)
  • Update on Practice Directions for the Estates List (The Honourable Mr. Justice David M. Brown)
  • Capacity and Other Issues in Power of Attorney and Guardianship Disputes (Jan Goddard)
  • A Clinician’s Perspective on Assessing Testamentary Capacity and Related Capacities (Dr. Kenneth Shulman)
  • Capacity Issues – The Perspective of the Hospital, Retirement Home and Group Home (Wendy Griesdorf)
  • The Vulnerability of Pre-Death Gifts (Eric Hoffstein)
  • The Scope of the Attorney’s Powers (Sender Tator)
  • The Incapable Minor Turning 18 (Clare Burns)
  • Remarks from the New Children’s Lawyer for the Province of Ontario (Debra Stephens)
  • Marshalling the Evidence For and Against Capacity in a Will Challenge (Hilary Laidlaw)
  • Short Circuiting the Frivolous Will Challenge (Hull and Hull’s Craig Vander Zee)
  • Mediation of Capacity Issues – The Mediator’s Perspective (Felice Kirsh and Archie Rabinowitz)

If you were not able to attend, the seminar materials will be available from the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Thank you for reading,

Paul Trudelle


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