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18 Mar

Aging in Place and Safety Considerations

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Our blog has previously featured posts about the concept of aging in place.  Survey results suggest that the vast majority (93% of respondents aged 65 or older) of Canadians wish to continue living at home for as long as possible as they age.  Benefits of aging in place may include lower costs (relative to living in long-term care), increased comfort, slower advancement of memory loss, strengthening of social networks, and continued independence and self-determination.

For many, with old age comes physical limitations that may result in decreased mobility and expose seniors to an increased risk of accidents while living at home, whether they are living with or without the assistance of caregivers or other support, absent sufficient safety measures.  We recently discovered a guide to making homes senior-safe, which is available online for free through the Senior Safety Reviews website.

The guide features the following:

  • 34 practical tips to assist in preventing falls;
  • Measures that may assist in the prevention of theft, elder abuse, burns and fires;
  • Technology that can be used to promote at-home safety; and
  • Preparing the home for extreme weather.

The guide reports that, notwithstanding the goal of many individuals to remain at home into old age, only 1% of homes are currently equipped to safely facilitate aging in place.

This user-friendly guide may be of assistance to older clients and supportive family members in allowing seniors to safely age in place.

Thank you for reading.

Nick Esterbauer

15 Feb

What Are We Dying From?

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As noted in a recent article in the Huffington Post, your chances of dying are one in one. However, WHAT you will die from is not so certain.

The article in the Huffington Post, by Dean Praetorius, reports, in pictorial form no less, on the 2010 edition of “Injury Facts”, published by the National Safety Council, out of the U.S. The National Safety Council report provides the lifetime odds of death for selected causes of death for the U.S. in 2006. These odds are as follows:

Heart disease: 1 in 6
Cancer: 1 in 7
Stroke: 1 in 28
Motor vehicle accidents: 1 in 85
Intentional self harm: 1 in 115
Accidental poisoning/noxious substances: 1 in 139
Falls: 1 in 184
Car occupant: 1 in 272
Assault by firearms: 1 in 300
Pedestrian: 1 in 623
Motorcycle rider: 1 in 802
Accidental drowning: 1 in 1,073
Exposure to smoke, fire: 1 in 1,235
Bicycle accidents: 1 in 4,147
Air and space transport accidents: 1 in 5,862
Firearms discharge: 1 in 5,981
Exposure to excessive natural heat: 1 in 6,174
Exposure to electric current, radiation, temperature and pressure: 1 in 9,412
Cataclysmic storm: 1 in 51,199
Hornets, wasps, bees: 1 in 62,950
Lightning: 1 in 81,701
Dog bite/attack: 1 in 119,998
Earthquake: 1 in 153,597

Be careful out there. We may not be able to beat the odds, but hopefully we can delay the payout as long as possible.

Paul E. Trudelle – Click here for more information on Paul Trudelle.

12 Feb

Pre-probate Checklist – Hull on Estate and Succession Planning #99

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Listen to Pre-probate Checklist

This week on Hull on Estates, Ian and Suzana discuss last week’s Ontario Bar Association Conference (featuring Clare Burns and Jordin Atin as speakers).

They then wrap up their ongoing discussion about some useful steps to remember when administering an estate.

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