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29 Apr

Issues in Estate Administration: Tax Filing – Hull on Estate and Succession Planning Podcast #110

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Listen to Issues in Estate Administration: Tax Filing.

This week on Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, Ian and Suzana discuss tax issues surrounding the administration of an estate.

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22 Jan

Experts in Estate Matters – Hull on Estates #94

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Listen to Experts in Estate Matters.

This week on Hull on Estates, Craig Vander Zee and Sarah Fitzpatrick discuss expert evidence in estate matters. In this episode they outline circumstances when one should use expert evidence, different types of experts, timing of reports, limitations of experts and the court appointed expert.


24 Oct

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast – What is a Blog?

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Continuing with our review of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast of September 12, 2006, Debbie Weil reminds us that there truly is a ROB (Return on Blogs).

In her view, there are three central aspects of what you can expect to get out of blogging in a corporate environment. The first is buzz. This is the word-of-mouth that gets created about your product or service.

The second is "brand". In Debbie’s view, blogging can truly enhance your brand. If blogging is done properly, it really does make you or your company more authentic, more transparent, and as a result, more appealing.

The third aspect that Debbie describes is the "blooper effect". She indicates that if you have the open channel, established by having a blog, and something goes wrong  in the process of providing your service or product,  you have an avenue to publish a response and to address the issue directly.

This podcast certainly gave us both true inspiration as we have worked hard to provide a regular blog and certainly from ours and Debbie Weil’s perspective, it appears to be a venture that is financially worthwhile.

All the best,

Suzana and Ian.


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