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15 Jul

A Look at Law Related Podcasts

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As you probably know, Hull and Hull LLP produces two weekly podcasts that discuss issues related to the estates area and estate and succession planning. Podcasting has certainly grown in the last year and there is a lot of content out there. To learn more about our firm’s use of this social medium, read Suzana Popovic-Montag’s and Ian Hull’s blog on podcasting.

Other Canadian legal podcasts include Osler Audio Reports offered by Osler, Hoskin, & Harcourt LLP that discuss a variety of business legal issues. The Canadian Bar Association provides PracticeLink Podcasts offering practice management information to its members. Law is Cool is both a blog and podcast produced by and for Canadian law students. (Podcast Episode No. 8 features an interview with Ian Hull).

Law schools are also providing a tremendous amount of information through the podcasting medium. The University of Ottawa’s Law and Technology Program was one of the first educational institutions to utilize podcasting and make classes available via podcasts. Through podcasts, many American law schools are making special lectures available to the public. Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation produces PONcasts offering advice on negotiation skills.

On a slightly different note, BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action is a half hour weekly podcast from the UK that discusses legal issues in the news.  

These are just a few of the legal podcast choices out there. Whether it is for education or entertainment purposes, there is a lot of information out there.  

Have a nice day,

Diane Vieira

22 Jan

The Surviving Spouse – Hull on Estate and Succession Planning #96

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Listen to The Surviving Spouse

This week on Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, Ian talks about an interview he did this week for a new website called Law is Cool and why he podcasts.

Ian and Suzana discuss the importance of preparing for the death of a spouse or for the welfare of your spouse upon your death. This preparation includes having a good idea of the assets you share and the importance of appointing a guardian for your children.

Comments? Send us an email at hullandhull@gmail.com, call us on the comment line at 206-457-1985, or leave us a comment on the Hull on Estate and Succession Planning blog.


11 Sep

Pet Trust Funds – Hull on Estates Podcast #76

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Listen to "Pet Trust Funds"
Read the transcribed version of "Pet Trust Funds"

In this episode of Hull on Estates, Ian and Suzana talk about a few case studies, the topic of substantial gifts to animals, and the community of podcasting.

Click "Continue Reading" for the transcribed version of the podcast.


19 Oct

Innovative Uses of Podcasting – Talkr

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The MarketingMonger Podcast #84 explored a new podcasting trend as the host, Eric Mattson, interviewed Chris Brooks, the CEO of an interesting podcast adjunct, Talkr.

Talkr is a program which takes a RSS feed and converts it into audio.  You can take the feed from a blog or from a media source webpage, such as a headline in the New York Times, and Talkr will pull those feeds every hour and once a new entry is available, the text will be converted into audio format so that it can be listened to at your convenience, just like a podcast.

Another useful source of  Talkr is that you can include a "listen to this" button to your blogpage, and the Talkr program will convert your blogposts into audio and allow those listeners who would prefer to listen instead of read, to access your blog in an audio format.

If you are interested in trying out the program quickly, it is installed on the Talkr blogpage.

Good luck in your review of this interesting and innovative social media tool.

All the Best,

Ian and Suzana

17 Oct

Marketing Online Live – The Final Five of the Ten Commandments of Business Podcasting – Part III

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During the Marketing Online Live podcast #39, the hosts, Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian, went on to provide us with the final three commandments of business podcasting.

Number Eight: Thou shalt Have a Monetization Strategy. This extends beyond the scope of Number Six, which discusses global strategies and focuses on the requirement to eventually truly monetize your podcasts. This monetization strategy could be something such as the book strategy, or simply ensure that your core audience is receiving helpful and relevant information and then throw out the possibility that you can be eventually retained to provide your services.

In our specific case, the obvious model is to assist estate lawyers in the process of their day-to-day practice with a view to being available to provide services beyond that which come naturally to the audience, such as litigation support.

Number Nine: Thou Shalt Consume the Best. The two speakers remind us that there is, of course, some prioritization that needs to happen in the context of podcast listening. You may listen to many hours of podcasting, you must ensure you are consuming the best of that podcast, and also ensure that you too are on top of the best in what is going on.  We already follow this practice in our daily lives, as most of us naturally want to watch the Olympics not the local regional finalists, just as we watch Tiger Woods, and not the 100th place PGA Tour Leader.

Number Ten: Thou Shalt Live the Freedom Lifestyle. By following the Ten Commandments, you can ultimately end up in this last commandment.

We really hope that this series on business podcasting best practice has been helpful and as always please send us your comments and questions, we would love to get your feedback on both our blogposts and podcasts.

All the best,

Ian and Suzana

16 Oct

Marketing Online Live – Business Podcasting Part II

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During the Marketing Online Live podcast #39, the hosts discussed the final five commandments of business podcasting.

Number Six: Thou shalt go in with a strategy.  As we were told, strategy acts as the hinges that open the doors to great business opportunities. The hosts provided us with a four-part breakdown on the question of strategy: strategize, monetize, residualize, and capitalize.

Never Seven: Thou shalt teach consumption. As podcasters, we need to get better at teaching people how to access and use our new venue. Adding easy access to the podcasts by clicking on the play button on your webpage is an illustration of how to assist the non-techy users to embrace podcasting. A great example is Proctor & Gamble, one of the best consumer companies in the world. who doubled their sales in shampoo by simply adding the word "repeat" to the back of their shampoo bottles.

In our next blog, we will talk about the final three commandments.

All the best,

Suzana and Ian

20 Jul


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Dr. Ken Envoy has written a book, "Make Your Site Sell! 2002", which initiated his creation of a course package for Internet marketing. The package explains the three steps of successful Internet marketing. Make Your Site Sell is a guide that instructs readers how to increase sales through leading with product. The course teaches you how to develop and position products for the Web, whether you sell one product or sell many in an online store. Furthermore, we’re told that you must create a site that attracts customers and showcases your product and, thus, brings targeted traffic to your site. Evoy also impresses the importance of having a vision for your online business in order for you to be able to successfully work towards that goal.

Envoy proclaims that there are essentially four fundamental realities to using the Web to provide information and directing interested traffic your way – Content, Traffic, Pre-Selling and Monetization.

One must not forget that, as a lawyer, your billable time determines your income AND your non-billable time determines your future.

Marketing is a full contact sport. However, the business side of the law should not be forgotten and it can be helpful to, from time to time, create a business plan to serve as a blueprint for your law firm’s financial success. Without a business plan, a firm is essentially rudderless, and day-to-day decisions are likely to be haphazard and reactive, in stark contrast to those firms implementing a well thought-out business plan. Designed for lawyers, "The Lawyer’s Guide to Creating Your Business Plan" is a complete, easy-to-use customized Windows-based software package, that is the fastest, easiest way to research and write a winning business plan for a law firm. It’s perfect for new or existing law firms, of every size.

All the best, Suzana and Ian. ——–

06 Jul


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In a recent podcast presented by one of the world’s leading podcasters, C.C. Chapman (June 17/06 – Managing the Gray) made several important points. He was discussing the fact that, in a recent podcasting chat forum that he was participating in, someone suggested that podcasting was not something that a business should be interested in as it was purely an entertainment vehicle.

C.C. Chapman strongly disagreed with this suggestion and indicated that, at the end of the day, podcasting is truly about content and every business is in the business of producing content. He emphasized the fact that quality content is something that a business always wants to reach out to its customers with, and he stressed that we must not engage in podcasting that is more sales-oriented. He further emphasized the fact that we should be focusing our podcasting on the content, as opposed to the presentation and the glitzy format.

C.C. Chapman cites as an illustration the use of podcasting by mainstream media such as BusinessWeek Magazine. BusinessWeek Magazine has a weekly podcast that is focused on its weekly cover story. The editor and the author of the article conduct a podcast to expand upon the paper version of the story on the cover of BusinessWeek. This is an excellent illustration of how to use podcasting in a business environment and how to use it in a way that enhances an existing marketing plan.



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