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09 Jan

Hull on Estates #315 – New Year’s Resolutions for the Legal Practitioner

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Listen to: Hull on Estates Episode #315 – New Year’s Resolutions for the Legal Practitioner

Today on Hull on Estates David Smith and Moira Visoiu discuss New Year’s resolutions for legal practitioners. Specifically, they mention the December 2012 issue of LAWPRO Magazine. A few of the best practices mentioned include the use of checklists and time management tools as well as tips for thorough documentation.

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02 Jan

Putting “New” in the New Year

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Yesterday, I read in the Toronto Star about a couple that resolved last year to make the year a year of “firsts”. They resolved to learn, make or experience 365 new things in 365 days. They blogged about their progress in knocking items off of their bucket list at http://www.365thingsin365days.com/

Inspired by their story, yesterday I went indoor rock climbing with my two teenaged sons at True North Climbing at Downsview Park. We had a blast, and were very proud of our achievements. We tried a new adventure that took us out of our comfort zone. We had a great time, got a little exercise, and bonded over what is a combination of a personal challenge, and a trust exercise. (Sort of like that exercise where you fall backwards, hoping to be caught by the group.    Only in this case, the fall is from 10 metres, with your young son at the bottom, controlling (or not) your fall.)

In our Hull and Hull blogs this year, we hope to do something like the couple reported on in the Star did. We want to expose our readers (and ourselves) to new things every day: new lessons to learn, new ways of looking at old issues, new cases, new approaches to difficult estates and trusts issues.

We value you feedback. Please comment on what you read, or what you would like to read. 

Please stay tuned. It is going to be a great year.

Until tomorrow,

Paul Trudelle

04 Jan

Looking Forward to 2011

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I hope everyone had great holiday season.

With the close of 2010, we turn and look to the promise of 2011. In looking ahead to 2011 many may wonder if they have properly protected and provided for those they intend to protect should something unexpected happen to them. Questions may also arise regarding whether a spouse or parent has taken steps to provide for themselves and/or those they intend to provide for.


While there are no doubt many things to consider for the new year from a family perspective, perhaps this is the year to resolve to consider, or reconsider, whether your family’s legal affairs have been properly planned.


I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011.


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31 Dec


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This is our last blog of 2009!

Thank you for reading our blog posts over the past year. We have enjoyed preparing them. We hope that we have been informative.

With the close of 2009, we turn and look to the promises of 2010. While there is no doubt many things are to be considered for the new years, from a family perspective, perhaps this is the year to resolve to consider, or reconsider, whether your family’s legal affairs have been properly planned.

On behalf of everyone at Hull & Hull LLP, I would like to wish you a wonderful new year. We hope that you have a safe, restful holiday. 

Happy New Year.

Rick Bickhram

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13 May

Talking About Wealth and Personal Finance – Hull on Estates #110

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Listen to Talking About Wealth and Personal Finance.

This week on Hull on Estates Suzanna and Ian review the pullout in March 18th’s New York Times and talk about the importance of dialog before and after death.

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11 Dec

Organizing your Family with New Technology

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On a recent Marketing Monger podcast of November 22, the host of the show, Eric, spoke with the owners of a start-up company called Famundo. This is a company that has designed a computer software program expressly for the use of families and community organizations.

This interesting company has created organizational software that is much more than simply another “appointments calendar” program.

During the podcast, Eric pressed his guests on this issue and we were told about all of the different additional add-on features of what is a program designed to help busy families to better organize their world.


22 Jun

Reading and Learning about Blogging and Podcasting – “Naked Conversations” – Part III

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At page 43 of the book Naked Conversations, the authors use a classic quote from a great blogger who describes it as follows: "Blogging is word of mouth on steroids".

A well-known legal blogger, Lawrence Lessig, also comes highly recommended in the book. T

he authors point out (at page 87) that they were a bit surprised by the number of lawyers collaborating on blogs, as they perceive the profession as being the most competitive. They illustrated the point by taking the readers to three seeming competitors in the area of patent law.

 Attorneys Stephen M. Nipper, Douglas Sorocco and J. Matthew Buchanan are all patent lawyers with an interest in blogging. Each of them started blogs within three weeks of each other and then discovered each other through the blogosphere. In a short time, they found themselves to be trusted colleagues, exchanging email, talking on the phone and they even started collaborative forms of writing by using software that allows groups to collaborate by editing each other’s words on an Internet site. The result of working together produced the creation known as Rethink(ip), a collaborative blog addressing how lawyers and clients should work together on IP issues.

The blogosphere is something that needs to be transparent, open and honest. The authors point out (at page 94) that consultants/lawyers need to get over an inclination to hold their cards close to their chests. They point out that if you are afraid to share ideas, you shouldn’t blog.

The authors also point to a classic quote from Walt Disney when someone asked him if he wasn’t worried about telling so many people about his ideas. In response, Disney said, "Those were last years ideas".

A classic question that arises when considering the whole concept of blogging is whether or not blogging is in fact marketing? In essence, the authors answer this question by saying that if blogging is your only marketing element, then you are entirely missing the boat. Blogging needs to be part of a marketing plan and not a sole entity. The advantage to blogging is that (page 94-95) blogs help organizations get closer to customers and customers closer to brands. Blogs are a powerful tool that few can afford to ignore. According to the authors, the bottom line is if your target audience wants a blog, you had better blog.

Finally, if you are ready to start to blog, then the authors (at page 172) suggest that you read a bunch of blogs. An easy starting point is to use the blog category in Goggle as a key word search engine. Based on our experience, the keyword searches are all that you need to be able to properly start a searching process.

Best of luck, Suzana and Ian! ——–


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