Every year on Groundhog Day I can’t help but reflect on Bill Murray and his contribution to the modern North American psyche.  It must be a massive ego trip to know that, on one day of the year, most everyone reflects on a movie that you have made.  With all due apologies to Punxsutawney Phil and Ontario’s own Wiarton Willie, Bill Murray is to Groundhog Day what Cupid is to Valentine’s Day (that other February distraction).  And you can’t escape him.  Groundhog Day (the movie) is played endlessly in syndication (especially on, well, Groundhog Day) unrivaled in its mind-numbing repetition except by the inescapable "Bridget Jones Diary" and Murray’s other masterpiece "What About Bob?" 

But I digress.  Groundhog Day (the day, not the movie) speaks to our deepest yearnings for the coming of Spring in the depths of what is now a very frigid winter. And Groundhog Day (the movie, not the day) observes the mind-numbing monotony of everyday life coupled with the fantasy of excelling at a given endeavour if only given 365 chances to repeat it.  There is a lesson in there somewhere…I am just not sure what it is.

Here’s to trying to get it right the first time…whatever "it" happens to be!

David M. Smith

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