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13 May

Twittering Lawyers

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By now, almost everyone has heard about Twitter. Twitter is the micro-blogging social network that allows you to publish and read short messages of less than 140 characters (“tweets”). Twitter has over 10 million users and with all the recent media attention it seems like everyone is on twitter; celebrities, news agencies, municipalities, and corporations.

Some people think it’s a fad and others think that it is the new source for sharing information. It is difficult to predict what role Twitter has for lawyers in a professional capacity. Some lawyers are using Twitter to republish their blogs, build social networks, and access information. Other lawyers are not sold on the idea of Twitter. Click here  to hear a podcast by two lawyers debating both sides of the issue.

For lawyers deciding whether or not to Twitter or those who have already taken the plunge, Steve Matthews for slaw.ca has written a fantastic blog offering lawyers some dos and don’ts for using Twitter.

While Twitter has been around for awhile, it will be interesting to see if its new surge in popularity will affect the way the legal community views Twitter as a marketing tool.

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 Diane Vieira




28 Apr

Practice Management Blogs: A Source for New Ideas

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I recently came across two entertaining and informative blogs about practice management for lawyers and law firms.

David Bilinsky is a practice management advisor and staff lawyer with the Law Society of British Columbia. He writes and lectures on the subject of legal practice management and his blog,  http://thoughtfullaw.com covers topics such as record management, technology, and law firm strategies.

This month, he wrote a series a blogs on the security of electronic documents that many lawyers will be interested in reading.

Allison Wolf’s insightful blog, www.thelawyercoach.com, discusses business development and legal marketing ideas for lawyers. Wolf, the founder of her own company that coaches lawyers on business development, offers her advice and links to the most recent articles on this subject.

Both blogs also comment frequently on personal development of lawyers and what lawyers can do to renew themselves and their legal practices.

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Diane Vieira


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