During the past Halloween season, I couldn’t help laughing as I drove by a home in the country that had a very realistic looking, life-sized grim reaper on the front porch. The juxtaposition of decorative corn stalks and an inviting veranda with this figure of death looming over the doorway showed that someone inside had a very funny (but dark) sense of humour.

Of course, in real life, death is rarely funny – and it’s never funny in estate litigation situations, which we deal with every day. All to say, my laugh at the grim reaper was both welcome and cathartic. So, in the spirit of Halloween escapism, I thought that a great way to share the lighter side of death was by highlighting a few irreverent film clips that capture some funny, but deadly, moments.

Here are three that you may remember. Humour is a personal thing, but hopefully at least one of these hits your funny bone.

Zombieland (2009) – Bill Murray

Bill Murray has a cameo role as himself. Zombies have taken over much of America, but Murray is uninfected and shelters a family that has made its way to L.A. Murray is killed when playing a practical joke on one of his house guests, pretending to be a real zombie.

The Naked Gun (1988) – Ricardo Montalban

A bit of Canada died when Leslie Nielson passed away in 2010. His killing of a villain played by Ricardo Montalban is unique in so many comic ways – and epitomizes the deadpan humour of a Canadian comic legend.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) – Killer rabbit

King Arthur and his knights are led to a cave and must face its guardian beast, which appears to be an innocuous white rabbit. When King Arthur orders one of his men to kill the rabbit, the action doesn’t go according to plan.

Of course, there are countless other comic film deaths. Let us know if you have any favourites!

Thank you for reading,
Ian M. Hull