The “death” of Alyanna Lapuz was recently “fixed” by the Canada Revenue Agency after Ms. Lapuz received a letter addressed to the “Estate of the Late Alyanna Lapuz”, dated January 7, 2016.  Ms. Lapuz was shocked by the letter because she was 21 years old and eagerly awaiting the start of a dental hygienist program in April.

According to Ms. Lapuz, she believes that the error may have occurred when she called the CRA to arrange for a direct deposit of her GST refund.  Ms. Lapuz then became quite concerned that the error would affect her student loan application because her social insurance number was rendered invalid as the result of being clerically deceased.

Click here for the CBC’s coverage of Ms. Lapuz’s story.

Ms. Lapuz’s story is also not unique.  A similar incident was previously covered by our blog here.

According to the CBC, 5,489 Canadians were erroneously entered as deceased in the CRA’s system between 2007 and 2013.  In a statement to the CBC, CRA advised that the rate of such errors has decreased since 2013.

For those of you who are interested, click here for the Ombudsman Special Report on this very issue.

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Doreen So