The appointment of an estate trustee, although an honourable duty, carries with it onerous obligations and responsibilities.  Often, family executors are not familiar with the administration process and require some sort of assistance in administering the estate.  Interestingly, I came across a new service, Easy Estate Closure, which seeks to connect family executors with estate experts to help finalize the administration of the estate.

According to its website, Easy Estate Closure provides a streamlined and efficient service that suits the specific needs of an executor.  The procedure is as follows:

  • The executor contacts Easy Estate Closure to explain their estate needs/challenges, and a free assessment is provided on what the executor is required to do.
  • If the executor decides that they need help to complete those requirements, Easy Estate Closure then reaches out to their database of estate experts to see who is available to complete the tasks and at what price.
  • Easy Estate Closure then presents the executor with a list of experts who have agreed to assist, along with price quotes, hourly rates, past client feedback ratings, and other information as needed (for example, languages spoken, meeting location and time preferences).
  • The executor then chooses which expert they want to connect with, and Easy Estate Closure facilitates those introductions and the direct relationship between the executor and expert commences.
  • Easy Estate Closure maintains communication with the executors throughout the process in order to receive feedback on the expert with whom they are working.
  • Once the expert completes the work, the executor pays them directly according to the initially presented quote rates.
  • Easy Estate Closure does not charge a fee to the executor.

It is always interesting to follow the technological innovation in the estates community.

Noah Weisberg