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26 Oct

Managing the Grey – Personal Branding – Part II

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Continuing from yesterday’s blogpost on C.C.Chapman and Mitch Joe’s podcast about personal branding, we wanted to elaborate on the importance of authenticity . Your success using social medium such as blogs and podcasts lies in producing a personal brand that is truly "you" and not something that is manufactured to fit within your business model or personal agenda.

The challenge is learning to understand what message you need to communicate, rather than the actual presentation of the message itself. Essentially you have to do your best to make sure there is no disconnect between who you are and what you are trying to communicate.

Throughout this podcast, C.C. and Mitch continually impressed the importance of finding the “real you”. In order to successfully accomplish this difficult task, you have to discover what your story is. Mitch makes it clear that a real story lies at the core of any good, transparent and authentic communication piece and the story is generated from your natural passion.

An interesting example of a corporation who has successfully driven home their message is the Harley Davidson Company. They truly tell a story. One would initially assume that the Harley Davidson Company simply manufactures motorcycles. However, they go much further to market their product. In fact, they market their motorcycles as components of a lifestyle founded on American values, specifically power and freedom.

The ultimate marketing goal is to become a mental tattoo on your audience or client base.

We hope that this introduction to the wise words of C.C. Chapman and Mitch Joel has been helpful.

All the best,

Suzana and Ian.

25 Oct

Managing the Grey Podcast – C.C. Chapman and Personal Branding

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In  Managing the Grey Podcast – Building Your Brand C.C. Chapman republished his recent speech which he had given with Mitch Joel to a group of podcasters at PodCamp Boston. The two speak about the process of creating your own brand.

What struck us, almost profoundly, at the outset of this podcast, was Chapman’s commentary on the power of the personal branding that Starbucks has achieved. This power lies in our willingness to spend $6.00 on a cup of Starbucks coffee in an effort to be associated with the brand. C.C. Chapman went on to tell us about some of the techniques that we should consider employing to achieve Starbucks-like success.

A personal brand is all about creating a buzz, that is essentially fed by the fact that someone else wants to experience your particular brand. You need to develop an interaction between the listeners and yourself to personalize your point. To elaborate, it was noted that it is not at all important as to whether or not your listener is particularly interested in say, your podcast that day; rather if he trusts your brand, then he trusts your enthusiasm for the topic and is engaged. You are creating personal attachment to your brand as opposed to simply interest in your content. This is not to dismiss the importance of content; rather, the "hook" is the personal brand and not the day-to-day content.

More commentary about this informative podcast in tomorrow’s blog.

All the best,

Suzana and Ian.


24 Jul


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In a recent blog, we wrote about some of C.C. Chapman’s thoughts as shared with his listeners in his podcast "Managing the Gray". In the podcast released on June 4, 2006, C.C. provided listeners with a few ways to help "push" new media and the whole social media agenda.

The first suggestion he made is that we need to be prepared to play the fool. In other words, if we are innovative and a discussion is moving down one direction, we need to be prepared to think "outside the box" and step in with what may seem to be a foolish suggestion.

C.C. reminds us that we need to make sure that we have plenty of ammunition and armour in such situations. That’s because people are going to come at you and attack you from many angles – from the finance through to technology issues, through to business and practical considerations such as moral and ethical issues. We need to be ready for those attacks and have a thick skin.

C.C. goes on to say that we need to be ready to answer all of the questions and to be prepared to address the concerns of the naysayers. This is our "armour" in such situations. In addition, we need to be ready, not only with the armour, but also with the ammunition, and be prepared to provide tangible examples to illustrate the real nature of the allegedly foolish suggestion. C.C. reminds us that we have to make sure that we have done our research and that we are ready in that situation.

That’s all for now … All the best, Ian and Suzana. ——–

06 Jul


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In a recent podcast presented by one of the world’s leading podcasters, C.C. Chapman (June 17/06 – Managing the Gray) made several important points. He was discussing the fact that, in a recent podcasting chat forum that he was participating in, someone suggested that podcasting was not something that a business should be interested in as it was purely an entertainment vehicle.

C.C. Chapman strongly disagreed with this suggestion and indicated that, at the end of the day, podcasting is truly about content and every business is in the business of producing content. He emphasized the fact that quality content is something that a business always wants to reach out to its customers with, and he stressed that we must not engage in podcasting that is more sales-oriented. He further emphasized the fact that we should be focusing our podcasting on the content, as opposed to the presentation and the glitzy format.

C.C. Chapman cites as an illustration the use of podcasting by mainstream media such as BusinessWeek Magazine. BusinessWeek Magazine has a weekly podcast that is focused on its weekly cover story. The editor and the author of the article conduct a podcast to expand upon the paper version of the story on the cover of BusinessWeek. This is an excellent illustration of how to use podcasting in a business environment and how to use it in a way that enhances an existing marketing plan.



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