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15 Jan

2010 Award of Excellence

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Each year the Ontario Bar Association (OBA), Trusts and Estates Section, considers candidates for its Award of Excellence. Last year, the Section paid tribute to Barry Corbin as the recipient.

The Award for Excellence was created to recognize exceptional contributions and achievements by members of the OBA to the area of trusts and estates.

Any Trusts and Estates Section member of the OBA in good standing, as well as former members of the section who have retired or been appointed to the bench, but not including current officers of the Executive of the Trusts and Estates Section or the Executive of the OBA, are eligible to be nominated.

The criteria for the award is demonstrated leadership in the trusts and estates bar through knowledge, experience, skill, commitment, passion and strength of character, plus all or some of the following:

·         academic excellence through teaching at the Bar Admission Course, lecturing at a law school, participating in Continuing Legal Education and/or academic writing;

·         participation in the OBA Trusts and Estates Section Executive or the Law Society of Upper Canada on wills, trusts and estate matters; and

·         contribution to the development of wills, trusts and estate law.

Any member of the Trusts and Estates Section of the OBA in good standing is eligible to nominate a candidate by submission in writing, together with a curriculum vitae outlining the nominee’s qualifications. The nominator must indicate that the candidate has been advised of the nomination prior to the nomination deadline and has consented thereto. The Award is typically presented at the Section’s Annual Awards dinner in late Spring.  

Nominations must be filed by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 22, 2010 to:

Peter Guennel, Sections Coordinator

Ontario Bar Association,

20 Toronto Street,

Suite 300,

Toronto, Ontario

M5C 2B8

Fax: 416-869-1390

For more information, and/or to obtain a Nomination Form, please contact Peter Guennel at (416) 869-1047, ext 340, or email at pguennel@oba.org or by visiting on line at http://www.oba.org/en/admin/awards_en/tru_award.aspx.

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29 Jan

Cost Awards

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Section 131 of the Courts of Justice Act establishes the authority for the Court to award costs. Section 131 states that the Court has absolute discretion in awarding costs, subject to the provisions of an Act or the rules of court. 

Before July 2005, the Rules of Civil Procedure provided some sense of certainty to the Court’s broad discretion in awarding costs as the Rules provided a costs grid. The costs grid suggested that costs were to be determined by an hourly rate multiplied by the time spent. In 2004, the Court of Appeal in Boucher v. Public Accountants Council set forth the general principle as to the fixing of costs pursuant to Rule 57.01 and the costs grid. With respect to costs, the Court stated that the overall “objective is to fix an amount that is fair and reasonable for the unsuccessful party to pay in the particular proceeding, rather than an amount fixed by the actual costs incurred by the successful litigant”. Subsequently, in July 2005, the Rules were amended. 

The amendment to the Rules abolished the costs grid and expanded on the list of factors, set out in Rule 57.01, which the Court may consider before making a cost award. Rule 57.01 was now expanded to include the principle of full indemnity and the reasonable expectations of an unsuccessful party to pay a cost award.

The principle of the reasonable expectations of an unsuccessful party to pay a cost award appears to provide the parties with some flexibility in obtaining the maximum cost award by permitting the successful party to establish the reasonable expectations of the unsuccessful party.  

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