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18 Jun

Smartphones and the Legal Profession

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There has been so much that has been recently written about the release of the iPad and more recently, the new iPhone 4G. Some may remember that an Apple Software Engineer who was working on the iPhone 4G accidentally forgot the Smartphone at a local bar, prior to its release date. Gizmodo, known as a leading technology weblog about consumer electronics, purchased the Smartphone from the finder and published exhaustive details about many of its new features, thereby stealing some of the thunder from the creators of the iPhone.

Smartphones are certainly the hottest thing going forward in social, business and technological circles, and its time for us to start thinking about the revolution it has had on our lives. 

Thanks to Smartphones, most lawyers are now mobile. I read an article in the most recent LawPRO magazine named “Essential Smartphone apps for Lawyers”. For those of us who are not familiar with technological jargon, an app is short for “application software”, which is downloaded to a Smartphone. Some essential apps described in this article were: “Documents To Go”, which, among other things, allows lawyers to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and “Timr”, another app referred to in this article, allows a lawyer to track their time and mileage. 

Smartphones have certainly made life convenient, but as lawyers it is scary to think about the privacy issues associated with all of the personal and client data that we store on them. With just a push of a button or a poke at the touchscreen, pretty much anyone who got hold of your phone could read your email, see pictures of you, your family etc. Smartphone’s contain far more personal data than would ever have been accessible on older mobile phones, now coined as the “dumbphones”.

Most of our privacy concerns can be remedied, which is as simple as enabling your security passcode, thereby locking your phone so that anyone who steals it or finds it if you have misplaced it cannot gain access.

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10 May

No Time for a Doctor? There’s an App for That.

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One of my first blogs (now colloquially referred to as the ‘thumb blog of 2008’) delved into the subject of cyberchondria, which was defined in the Globe and Mail as ‘hypochondria on metaphorical steroids, its effects amplified by the staggering number of disastrous outcomes the Web can provide’. Well if ever there was a black hole from which the cyberchondriac could never hope to escape, it would be found in the Apps catalogue on your iPhone and would go by the collective name “Medical Apps”.

I’m no dummy. I can see the value in Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker; you type in your blood pressure and heart rate and can then monitor trends over time. Handy app if I have a blood pressure problem. I get that.

Speaking of blood pressure, though, I’ll venture a guess that the Infections App would really do a number on a hypochondriac; everything you could ever want to know about anthrax, dengue fever, monkeypox and more, all at your fingertips.

And the temptation to self-diagnose must be irresistible if you’ve downloaded X-Rays, a nifty little App (free, no less), for identifying any sort of abnormality as a result of disease, injury, or simply poor genetic misfortune.

What I do find most unnerving are the Apps that are obviously targeting physicians. Instant ECG: An Electrocardiogram Rhythms Interpretation Guide is one example. Not sure how confidence-inspired I would be to watch my cardiologist whip out his iPhone to make sure I wasn’t in atrial fibrillation. Ditto for “ICU Pearls”, which the developer describes as ‘pearls of wisdom’ for the ICU doctor. Call me ungrateful, but if I’m in the ICU, I’m probably not there for a life lesson.

I scored an iTouch for Mother’s Day this year. I’m already getting wicked finger cramps exploring the full scope of what it can do. But don’t worry about me, there’s an App for that.

Jennifer Hartman, guest blogger



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