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Limits on Testamentary Freedom

The age old principle of testamentary freedom, the right to freely dispose of your assets on death as you please, occasionally conflicts with public policy considerations in fascinating and surprising ways. The recent New Brunswick case of McCorkill v. Streed, 2014 … View More

Dealing with Designations

Upon resolving to implement an estate plan to ensure that testamentary intentions are carried out, most people immediately consider the provisions to be contained within their will. While a will is still of central importance to any comprehensive estate plan… View More

The Impact on Estate Lawyers

The Model Code of Professional Conduct1 (the “Model Code”) was introduced in December 2011 and amended in 2012 by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, with the goal of eliminating any significant interprovincial differences in rules of conduct for Canadian lawyers. View More

A Detailed Guide to the Probate Process

What happens behind the estates counter at the offices of the Superior Court of Justice is both a wonder and a mystery. Dedicated, diligent and talented courthouse staff somehow manage to wade through massive volumes of paper and process probate applications by … View More


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