Knowledgeable Counsel for Trustee and Executor Removal Cases

With courts increasingly imposing higher standards on the expectations for trustees, conflicts over the performance of an executor or trustee are almost inevitable, especially given the conflicting nature of complex legal statutes. This is a highly litigated area of law with a relatively small number of Canadian lawyers who can offer substantial experience and knowledge.

Our lawyers offer a proven record in estate litigation, and we vigorously pursue all options for meaningful resolution of trustee and executor disputes and removal cases.

Resolution In and Out of the Courtroom

Conflicts between beneficiaries and trustees or executors can result from a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Compensation disputes
  • Mismanagement of assets
  • Breach of fiduciary responsibility
  • Failure to distribute
  • Personal and family conflicts

When a beneficiary’s grievances become so serious as to call for an estate trustee’s removal and replacement, the matter may need to be litigated or mediated to reach a workable resolution.

As lawyers with a substantial history of courtroom litigation in these types of claims, we work to ensure you get the representation your case demands. We understand the obligations of trustees and executors, and we employ that knowledge to reach practical solutions for clients involved in complex matters.

Building Your Legal Solution

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