Trustee-Executor Compensation Dispute Representation

Many estate trustees receive a “court recognized” tariff as compensation for their work. The tariff applies percentages to various sections of the estate accounts. In addition, someone who is a continuing power of attorney for property may be entitled to annual compensation from the property.

A heavily litigated area of law, the payment of a trustee or executor for the services and management he or she provides can seem excessive to the beneficiaries, particularly if an individual is perceived as being in the position primarily for profit. These disputes can be highly complex and contentious, as the careful balance between appropriate and excessive compensation can be a tough line to negotiate.

In cases such as these where ambiguity rules, competing expectations and intra-family conflict can complicate an already difficult matter. It can be important to get experienced and knowledgeable counsel. Our lawyers are highly respected litigators and counsellors in matters of trustee and executor disputes.

Resolving Issues of Executor and Trustee Compensation

Particularly in situations where executor or trust compensation isn’t explicitly defined by a testamentary document such as a will, the appropriate payment can be uncertain. It is understood that trustees and executors should not excessively profit from fees, but there can be substantial room for interpretation.

Our lawyers understand the sometimes archaic law that governs Canadian trusts and estates, as well as the obligations of trustees and executors. We also are proud of our respected reputation for building practical solutions to resolve conflicts in and out of the courtroom.

Experienced Counsel — Proven Client Service

If you are bringing a compensation claim as a beneficiary, or if you have been accused of profiting in your role as trustee or executor, it is important to work with professionals who understand the law and have a proven track record for building workable solutions. Contact our offices to schedule an initial consultation and case review.