Expert Will Dispute Lawyers

Sometimes the loss of a family member is followed by a painful conflict over the will and the estate of the deceased. These can be trying times, where informed and experienced counsel isn’t just desirable – it’s a necessity.

Creative Approaches — Custom Solutions

Our lawyers represent the interests of beneficiaries and interested parties in a wide range of will challenges and defence cases. We evaluate each case independently, addressing the unique elements of your situation and building strategies customized to meet your individual needs. Here is an overview of what we offer:

  • Will challenges — Challenging a will requires creative and agile representation that is built on a firm foundation of legal knowledge and litigation experience. While the road through a will challenge may be difficult, we have a strong track record of success in pursuing complex will challenges for clients.
  • Will defence — Wills are backed by the force of law, and we help clients support and defend the integrity of that document. It is the opposing side’s responsibility to justify challenging a will, and we can use our decades of experience and deep knowledge of legal precedent to help you build a strong and reliable defence.

Whether the best solution for your will dispute is litigation, negotiation or mediation, we field the right resources to help you pursue your goals. Contact our offices to schedule an initial consultation to review your case.