Experienced Counsel for Dependant Support Claims

Ontario estate law recognizes a moral obligation for testamentary documents, including wills and trusts, to properly address the needs of dependants, including dependant children or a spouse. Failure to adequately provide for dependants gives a beneficiary or other dependant the opportunity to challenge the document.

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If you are a dependant who has not been properly provided for in a will or other estate document, you have legal recourse to challenge the will. Our firm has been a proven advocate for our clients in litigation and alternative dispute resolution options, and we can help support your claim in and out of court.

If you are seeking to defend a will or other estate document from unwarranted litigation or a dependant’s support claim, our lawyers can advise you on your options. We understand the rules and laws governing estate planning and dependants’ rights, including the Family Law Act and the Succession Law Reform Act. We offer clear and dependable feedback about your case based on concrete legal knowledge.

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