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January 18, 2007 Hull & Hull LLP Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates Tags: 0 Comments

Yesterday morning marked the latest installment of Hull & Hull LLP’s Breakfast Series. Always well-attended, these presentations address ongoing and emerging Estate and Capacity issues.

Yesterday saw the successful trial run of our simultaneous webcast sponsored by Podwise Social Media Inc., giving out-of-towners a much better option.

Suzana Popovic-Montag spoke first on the taking will instructions, combining her usual sterling caselaw review with helpful thoughts on the practical problems the cases create for lawyers. Suzana’s concern that lawyers are placed in a difficult (not to mention thankless) position when having to assess testamentary capacity in close-call situations were no doubt shared by everyone.

Paul Trudelle then discussed the Ontario Disability Support Program (“ODSP”). Paul provided not only legal content on how to deal with the interests of disabled beneficiaries in Estate planning, but took it a step further to give background information about how ODSP works and some practical benefits and drawbacks of the system.

Ian Hull ended up with his thoughts on prevalent and emerging trends in administrative issues leading to litigation. No administration lawyer wants to see an estate administration end up in litigation, so Ian’s comments are ever-helpful in adding to the very long list of liability risks to keep in mind for lawyers.

A question-and-answer session was added, leading to further discussion, probably helping not only the questioners, but the presenters as well.

The presenters’ papers will be made available on our Hull & Hull LLP website. I highly recommend them all.

Thanks for reading.

Sean Graham

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