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24 May

Special Legal Podcasts

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Recently I listened to a 3-part series of interviews of F. Lee Bailey on "Coast to Coast". Not only were the interviews interesting, they were what we think are a true sign of the Podcast times. These were informal discussions with one of the great American lawyers. They were done at his home and F. Lee Bailey provided us with some wonderful war stories as well as some guidance to the profession as a whole for the future.

It seems to us that the fact that someone can go online and listen for free to a legal icon is truly the spirit of what Podcasting is today.

We hope to present some Canadian legal heroes in future "Hull on Estates" Podcasts and we will keep you posted.


23 May

Understanding our Joint Blog and Co-Host Podcasting Format

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As we thought about our Blog this weekend, it struck us that perhaps we haven’t been entirely clear on how we hope to send out our own unique form of social media. Presently, our plan is to produce our 2 Podcasts weekly and we are going to try to Blog on a daily basis.

Unlike many current Blogs, there are 2 of us who are primarily going to be Podcasting and Blogging. Ian and I intend to jointly Blog, recognizing that it is "outside of the box" a bit because, right now, most Blog on their own. However, given the fact that we are working so closely on the Podcasts together, we thought a joint Blog format would make sense in the circumstances.

As to the format of the Blog itself, we are going to try each day to provide a quick comment relating to the social media world, together with a note on a legal issue that catches our attention.

As to the social media comment, Ian has now signed up for an upcoming conference called "Podcasters Across Borders", a Podcaster conference being help in Kingston on June 23 and 24. It looks like a fantastic event and we are sure it will enhance our own Podcasting.

As for the legal note, we are currently working on an intensive review of the whole concept of testamentary capacity. Our "Hull on Estates" Podcast for April 25, 2006 (Episode 5) addressed the following legal issues:

· constructive trusts;

· specific devises and bequests;

· life insurance;

· the description of beneficiaries;

· trusts/life interests;

· the selection and powers of trustees, including the power to encroach; and

· ademption.


17 May

The Cost of Preparing Wills – A Little “Give and Take”

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With over 50% of Canadians and 70% of Americans who do not have wills, the cost of preparing a will (and a Power of Attorney) needs to be considered. I must confess I have never personally understood the pricing arrangement with will drafting in Canada.

In short, it is a service provided by lawyers that is often substantially undercharged for and why it is so many people do not take advantage of this in the marketplace is still a mystery to me.

Certainly in Toronto, a husband and wife can still get Powers of Attorney and wills done for under $1,000 together.

Historically, it has been the case that a lawyer will charge less for the preparation of the will knowing (and hoping) that he or she will receive the estate administration work on the death of the client.

However, in our more complicated and fast-moving world, there is simply no guarantee that a lawyer will be part of the process at the end of the day. Even if a lawyer does get lucky and does get the file for the estate administration, with the advent of jointly held property, multiple wills and more sophisticated estate planning, the necessity for a lawyer after that, while important, is not nearly as substantial.


15 May

Why Blog ?

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This is day 3 of the blog and I still have the early blog excitement in my blood. I know the dog days of summer will be tough and the Christmas rush will make me crazy; however, I am determined.

How did I start this blog gig ? Well the idea came from my brother-in-law, Tim Fallis,who also happens to be one of Canada’s greatest marketing guys, he is President of Blackrock Marketing, and Tim’s idea was supported by his equally talented identical twin brother Terry Fallis. Tim is the idea man in social media and Terry is the get it done man. Terry is President of ThornelyFallis, a PR communications firm and Terry is one of the leaders in the Podcast world with his and David Jones’ Podcast, Inside PR.  I have always been one to trust the judgment of good people around me and needless to say I really trust the judgment of Tim and Terry.

Next I bought and actually read the new book on blogging, Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel ( It was an easy read and an important confidence booster. With our Hull Estates Podcasts going, the move to a Hull Estates blog was a natural extension. My thought on blogging is that you should get informed and then jump right in to this vital aspect of communications. I am also encouraged by the recent article in the Canadian Bar Association National Magazine where Jordan Furlong and Melanie Raymond provided an A-Z list of trends for the legal profession. The authors listed blogs as the second important legal trend.

We certainly hope to provide both general and specific comments on estates and we look forward to the inevitable exchange with our participants in the blogging world.

14 May

Mother’s Day – Something to think about

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This is always a big day in our house as with most families. It is truly a day to celebrate the wonderful things that many of our mother’s ( and wives) do for our family, everyday !

So what happens when they go ? Is your mother the one person holding together the whole family chemistry ? Is she the glue that keeps the family emotions from blowing over ?

Again, what happens when she is gone ? Do you think it would be a good idea to talk about life after mom ? While today is NOT the day to bring up the topic, it may be something we should be talking about with our family and something that needs to be considered in the whole family estate planning fabric.

On to business, I mentioned yesterday that we are podcasting. My partner Suzana Popovic-Montag and I host 2 weekly podcasts. They are great fun to do and I think they cover a good cross-section of the legal and non-legal aspects of estate law. If you want to listen in, right now it is probably easiest to get to them in itunes and use the key word Hull in your search. It can also be found on The Podlounge.

As I try to follow the Canadian social media scene I intend to look at and report on other legal and non-legal sources. I note that my colleague Robert Coates has his own blog. Robert has been blogging since November 2004 and he offers comments on recent developments in the law. Robert is a Toronto Lawyer Specializing in Estate & Family Law. ——–


10 Apr

The Inaugural Blog

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Welcome to the inaugural Hull Estate blog. With the fast moving pace of the social media a blog on this topic seemed to be a natural fit.

I mean, why not try to look at issues of death and succession, and in particular, look at these issues before your death and before a family fight begins. The central theme of this blog will of course be estates and estate related matters.

However, an important sub topic will be to address the question as to why our culture spends so much time accumulating wealth and yet does not put the same , or even close, value on planning for the succession of our wealth. Starting with the funeral arrangements right through to distributing many millions of dollars, beneficiaries fighting is almost inevitable.

The family fight is not something we spend enough time planning to avoid.

However, as with everything in life, it is really a question of degree and what is an acceptable level of conflict.

This blog is going to look at estate issues and estate planning from all perspectives including a more bottom up estate planning process, as opposed to a top down model that exists in the minds of most people today.

We have started our social media efforts already and you can listen to our podcasts that are currently on itunes. We have a series of weekly podcasts (14 podcasts so far). One podcast deals with legal issues of interest to lawyers and the other deals with general estate planning issues designed for the lawyer and the client.

We continue to focus on a more inclusive approach to estate issues and consider such issues as the "High Price of Not Talking" about your estate plan with your family.

We would love feedback and we hope to be able to generate some excitement about this new social media outlet and hope that we can generate some real debate in the process. So welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride ! ——–

17 Feb

Compensation of an Estate Trustee

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