The Ontario Government Makes Strides To Better Long-Term Care 

March 29, 2021 Natalia R. Angelini Uncategorized 0 Comments

After decades of challenges in the long-term care system, tragically heightened and exposed by the pandemic, the Ontario government has heeded the calls for change. The Budget released last week makes strides to better life for those in long-term care, including the following funding commitments:

  • Personal support services – Provincial investments of $121 million will support accelerated training of personal support workers, with initiatives geared towards increasing recruitment, training, supply of staff, improved working conditions and retention.
  • Improving quality of life – $246 million over the next four years will be used to upgrade long-term care homes including ventilation (air conditioning) and renovations.
  • Protecting residents – An additional $650 million is being invested to protect residents in long-term care. The funding will help homes prevent the virus spread, increase staff supports and purchase additional supplies and equipment.
  • More Beds – An additional investment of $933 million over the next four years will be dedicated to building more long-term care beds.
  • More direct care – $4.9 billion over the next four years will be critical in focusing on increasing the daily direct care provided per resident from 2.75 hours to 4 hours.

These are some of the key changes the Ontario government is making based upon input from the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission’s findings. The Commission has the power to consider any further areas where the government should take action, and will provide a final report to the Minister of Long-Term Care by April 30, 2021.

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