Five things I don’t understand – and don’t really want to

April 24, 2019 Suzana Popovic-Montag Estate Litigation, Estate Planning, Uncategorized 1 Comment

I’ll be honest – there are some things in life that I:

  • don’t understand, and
  • drive me nuts.

I’m not looking for answers – I don’t really care about the reasons “why.” What I want is to make these things go away. No explanations please – if I was interested in the why, I’d google it to find out.

So, here’s my rant. Five everyday things I don’t understand that I wish would go away:

  1. Please use revolving door: I’ve opened doors all my life, and there are many perfectly good doors to any office building. But all signs direct you to the revolving door, even if you have to line up to use it, and it takes twice the time to get inside. Don’t stick “emergency door” on a perfectly good and useable door. Give us a choice!


  1. Put your phone in airplane mode: I’ve left my phone inadvertently in “full on” mode countless times when taking flights. Why do we still have to do this? It’s clearly not a safety risk, or else we’d all be dead by now due to countless passengers ignoring the request. I don’t want to know why they ask us. I just want to stop being told to do it.


  1. No pass back on Presto card: I load my Toronto Transit Commission Presto card. It deducts cash every time I tap and enter a station or vehicle. I pass the card to my friend on the other side of the turnstile to tap, and it denies the tap. Why? Because you can’t pass back the Presto card. I’ve done this in New York with family dozens of times. With so many riders scamming the system by not paying, why won’t the TTC let me pay for someone else?


  1. Hospital gowns that tie in the back: I go for my annual physical. I’m told to strip down, and the blue gown I’m given ties in the back. It’s awkward, and I can barely make it work. My housecoat doesn’t tie in the back, why should a medical gown? The doctor is going to look at me front and back anyway – there’s no hiding. I’m tired of sitting with my bare butt on a chair because I can’t wear a hospital gown properly.


  1. Upsells at a car wash: I’m at a car wash. I’m given three choices: regular wash, luxury wash, or “the works.” The upper end washes promise things like “bottom blaster” and “polish”. Can anyone tell the difference? And yet, I often choose “the works” because I want my car to have every chance at a completely clean beginning. But I feel cheated every time. Give me one wash and one choice.

If you know why these things happen, you should probably keep the information to yourself. If you know how to make these things go away, please call me immediately. In the meantime, I’ll end my rant and head back to work.


Thanks for reading … Have a wonderful (and rant-free) day!

Suzana Popovic-Montag 

1 Comment

  1. Jocelyn 4 months Reply

    Haha! This was so refreshing! I always read and appreciate your posts 🙂 FYI, I put the hospital gown on the way I want to – ties in the front! It’s one way to make that particular issue go away!

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