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A Different Kind of Estate Legacy – Twenty Years in the Making!

The 5th edition of the leading text in estates and trusts practice, Probate Practice, has recently been released.  This edition is co-authored by Hull & Hull LLP’s co-founder, Ian M. Hull and managing partner, Suzana Popovic-Montag.


This practical guide to estate administration in Ontario has a long and celebrated history, with its first publication in 1953 by its original authors, The Honourable Ian Macdonell and Terence Sheard, Q.C.  It has been two decades since the last publication, with this new edition reflecting significant changes in the law, including several impactful court decisions on the issues of dependant support, multiple wills and holograph instruments.  The 5th edition also modernizes the text, removing references to decisions embodying outdated attitudes to family relationships.

Regrettably, Rodney Hull, Q.C. LSM, an author of the last edition, passed away in 2009.  His legacy continues with this new work.  The Honourable Maurice Cullity, Q.C., a co-author of a prior edition also shares in this proud accomplishment.

For those who are interested in purchasing The 5th edition of Probate Practice the book is available on the Carswell website.

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Natalia Angelini