Requests for Notice of Commencement of Proceeding

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Most estate lawyers are already familiar with the Notice of Objection to the Issuance of a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, a document that operates to prevent a probate application from successfully being filed with the court.  Fewer may be aware that there is another option for individuals who wish to remain updated of the status of the filing of a probate application or other proceeding commenced in respect of an estate but do not, necessarily, object to the appointment being sought and/or the administration of an estate in accordance with the last will and testament.

OO7XQL3Q9CRule 74.03 of the Rules of Civil Procedure describes a Request for Notice of Commencement of Proceeding.  Such a document, in Form 74.3, may be filed by any individual who appears to have a financial interest in an estate and will allow him or her to receive notice of any proceeding that is made in respect of the estate, including the filing of a Notice of Objection or a probate application.

A Request for Notice of Commencement of Proceeding typically expires after three years (in which case a subsequent Request may be filed) and does not apply to proceedings that are initiated after a Certificate of Appointment has been issued.

Filing a Request for Notice may be a good option for beneficiaries who wish to be apprised of any developments in the early stages of the administration of an estate (at least in situations where probate or other court proceedings are required) without objecting to the issuance of a Certificate of Appointment.  The ability to receive such updates may be especially beneficial in situations where there may is no communication with a named estate trustee or updates on the status of probate are not otherwise forthcoming.

In January 2016, a similar form in respect of applications to pass accounts was introduced through an amendment to the Rules of Civil Procedure.  As previously discussed on our blog, a Request for Further Notice in Passing of Accounts allows an individual entitled to service of an application to pass accounts to receive notice of any further step in the application, without the need to file a Notice of Objection to Passing of Accounts, which had been previously required in order to retain the ability to respond to the proceeding at a later stage.

Forms like these allow for a class of participants in pre-probate proceedings and applications to pass accounts who may not want to become actively involved, but nevertheless wish to remain updated of any developments.

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