Responding to Dementia, Here and Across the Globe

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The increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias means that policymakers and various sectors – including the legal community — have to think about how to create a more dementia-capable society.

For instance, I recently blogged about DementiaHack, a Toronto-based hackathon designed to bring medical experts on dementia together with developers and designers to think of innovative technological products to address the needs of individuals living with dementia, caregivers and researchers.

For those who are interested in learning more about dementia, the Toronto Star recently ran an excellent series of articles about local and global responses to the increasing prevalence of dementia.

I found it particularly interesting to read about the lessons that can be learned from Japan’s experience, where dementia currently affects 4.62 million people. As the article notes, Japan’s health ministry and 11 other ministries and agencies implemented a strategy in 2012 to address the challenges of dementia. The government also introduced a long-term care insurance program in 2000 that requires residents to pay monthly insurance premiums after they turn 40. By contributing to the program, residents become eligible to access services such as dementia daycare.

Beyond governmental action on dementia, the Star also profiled the Dementia Support Caravan initiative in Japan, which aims to educate and empower people across the country to better support the needs of people living with dementia. And for a Canadian spin on the Japanese experience, be sure to check out this article about “Paro”, a robot that was inspired by a Japanese engineer’s encounter with a Canadian harp seal and that is now being used in dementia care.

The Toronto Star ended its series on dementia with an editorial calling on the provincial and federal governments to create a national strategy. It remains to be seen if policymakers will heed the call to action, but the series offers remarkable insight into how other countries are responding to the increasing prevalence of dementia.

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Umair Abdul Qadir

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