The Conversation Project: How to make one tough conversation a little bit easier

December 19, 2013 Hull & Hull LLP General Interest Tags: 0 Comments

Most would agree that talking about how you want your end of life to be with your loved ones is a very difficult conversation to have. When considering what decisions might need to be made by them at this time, however, the importance of having such a conversation becomes apparent. Such decisions could include anything from whether you would prefer to die at home, to whether you would favour end-of-life care when seriously ill over other medical treatments, and even funeral arrangements.

Having such an “end of life” conversation with your loved ones will ensure that your wishes with respect to such issues are known and respected. Equally important, it will ensure that your family is not burdened by these tough decisions when they are already dealing with the ailing health of a parent.

While the benefits of having an “end of life” conversation are easily recognized, for many, the thought of having such a conversation is much more difficult to imagine. Thankfully, for those who fall into the latter group, The Conversation Project has introduced a “Starter Kit” to assist people in initiating this conversation. The Starter Kit is a work book that will help you to establish your end-of-life wishes and how to talk about these issues with your loved ones.

So, if you are one of those who find this topic hard to discuss, you should consider giving the Starter Kit a try. Most people have regrets in life – don’t make avoiding the end-of-life conversation one of them.

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Andrea Buncic

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