“Living Headstones” Allow Connections From Beyond the Grave:

September 23, 2013 Hull & Hull LLP Funerals Tags: 0 Comments

Recently, an innovative company launched a product that is truly turning heads – or rather, headstones – into living memorials from which the deceased can now create an interactive memorial legacy from beyond the grave.

QR Codes are the two-dimensional bar codes which are becoming ever more omnipresent in today’s advertising. These pixelated square images are often found in the corners of street advertisements, on public transport and even consumer products themselves. These simple barcodes allow anyone with a modern smartphone, or other mobile devise, to scan and be redirected to the advertisers’ or products’ web page. Now, a unique application of QR Codes allows for grave site visitors to scan the headstone of their loved ones and be redirected to a memorial page or archive site of the deceased’s, or their survivor’s, choosing.

With the increasingly common trend of separation of family members due to our progressively mobile population, some are turning to innovative ways to keep connected to their ancestry and heritage. The use of products such as interactive headstones allow loved ones to post obituaries, family history and photos to web pages accessible by a simple swipe over a QR Code imbedded into the headstones of their deceased family members.

When planning for a final resting place, many may find this alternative a desirable, contemporary approach to memorializing their legacy, through a combination of past and modern technologies, in a way that allows those passed to remain connected with their families in death.

As this technology develops and becomes increasingly common, it is quite possible that future generations will gain a digital legacy of their ancestors, accessible online, for many years to come.

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Ian Hull

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