Baseball team gives away free funeral

August 23, 2013 Hull & Hull LLP Funerals Tags: 0 Comments

It is not often that the sports section and the estates world overlap. While looking through the sports section a couple of days ago however, one story in particular managed the rare crossover. The story focused on the Philadelphia Phillies AAA affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, and the unorthodox contest which they had announced. The prize? Your dream funeral paid for.

As you can expect, the contest got a lot of attention in the press. As jokingly put by the IronPigs General Manager, “it’s one of our best out-of-the-box promotions. Or maybe I should say one of our best ‘in-the-box’ promotions”.

In order to enter the contest, fans had to submit an essay describing their ideal funeral and why they deserved to win. In total approximately 50 people submitted entries, some serious, some not-so-serious (one entrant provided that their dream funeral would have a bouncer who would eject any patrons who were not sufficiently mournful).

The IronPigs subsequently announced the winner of the contest to be a 64 year old lifelong baseball fan who was recently diagnosed with ALS.  When asked about his diagnosis of ALS, the winner jokingly stated “I’m not a Yankee fan, but I told them to put a no. 4 on me” (the number famously worn by fellow ALS patient, Lou Gehrig).

When asked why he entered the contest, the winner stated that the prize made it so that there was one less thing that his family had to worry about as the disease progressed. He importantly added however, “I plan not to use this for a while.”

Maybe the IronPigs were on to something after all.

Have a great weekend.

Stuart Clark 

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