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Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog Now Earns Him CPD Hours

By writing this blog, I am now earning my Law Society Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) hours. Surprised? So was I. According to this notice, writing and editing firm publications are now eligible CPD activities, to a maximum of six hours annually. The Law Society states that “[p]reviously, only writing and editing of materials for third-party publication or course materials were eligible. Writing for personal use remains ineligible for CPD hours.”

According to this post from the venerable Slaw, LSUC’s original notice was worded slightly differently. It apparently stated that “[w]riting for personal use, such as blogging, remains ineligible…” (emphasis added). The words, “such as blogging,” appear to have since been removed from the Law Society’s notice about the changes to the CPD requirement, indicating that it is a viable way to earn CPD hours. When asked about blogging in particular, LSUC’s coordinator of CPD Accreditation told Slaw that blogging is an “eligible activity” so long as the “purpose of the blog is not to advertise the lawyer or paralegal’s services.”

The author at Slaw comments that this was a strange use of the word “blogging” as it reflects the antiquated idea that a blog “is synonymous with personal journaling.” While that may have been true when blogging first emerged on the internet, blogs are now more commonly written by multiple authors such as employees of a corporation (or a law firm) and professionally edited. As the readers of this particular blog, you can see that it is not merely a collection of personal musings, but rather a collection of short informational articles about the world of estate litigation. Our partners and associates work hard to provide readers with useful and accurate information and I am happy to see the Law Society now formally recognizes the fact that blogging can advance legal professional development, which is one of the main reasons we started this blog in the first place.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Ian M. Hull