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December 30, 2010 Hull & Hull LLP General Interest Tags: , , , 0 Comments

 In this our very last blog of the year,
we thank all our readers the far and the near.
The privilege of writing our blogs for you all,
has been all of ours and we hope that you call
or email or write so that we may hear
what you wish us to cover for the coming new year.

It is a great way to get knowledge to you,
and to tell you a little about all that we do.
We have blogged about wills and estates and trustees,
on guardians, attorneys, their duties and fees.
We want to assist the entire year through,
to inform and amuse, cause a chuckle or two.

So keep tuning in and follow along,
we will highlight the law, what’s gone right and gone wrong.
We will tell you the things our courts are construing,
and you can tell us how we have been doing.

Best wishes for a promising and prosperous 2011.


Sharon Davis – Click here for more information on Sharon Davis.

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