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November 30, 2010 Hull & Hull LLP General Interest, Litigation Tags: , , , , , , , 0 Comments

One of the objectives of our Hull and Hull blogs and podcasts is to contribute to the pool of educational material available on-line.

Recently, I was referred to the Khan Academy, a wonderful website which is also spreading education through the internet on a broad scale.  The Khan Academy website uses streaming video to deliver lectures on a wide array of topics. 

Founder Salman Khan explains on the website that "With just a computer and a pen-tablet-mouse, one can educate the world!"  And Salman Khan does an excellent job of doing just that. The Khan Academy boasts over 1,800 educational, videos. Most of the videos are 10-20 minutes in length.  They are conversational in tone, and are illustrated by Sal Khan using his tablet.   Mr. Khan does an excellent job of explaining some very difficult topics.

The topics lean heavily towards the maths and sciences, but there are number of discourses on Economics and History, as well.

(Be sure to try out the "Blue Forehead" brain teaser.)

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