On Blogging and Lawyers (Part 1 of 2)

April 19, 2010 Hull & Hull LLP General Interest Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments

Blogging has certainly become popular in the last several years as an important source of information and communication. So much so that even lawyers have jumped on the bandwagon. And who would have thought? Being the risk-averse creatures we are, you would not expect publishing our musings for the world to read to be a natural fit; after all, law school is spent teaching you how to avoid risk or, perhaps, how to remedy the consequences of risks taken by your clients. And so, lawyers were slow to wade into the vast sea of bloggers. 

But is blogging so different from anything else we do? Writing is a large part of a lawyer’s profession. Like any profession, education and the sharing of information with colleagues and the public in general are required not only to ensure you keep on the cutting edge of the law but also for marketing purposes. 

Today, the World Wide Web is as acceptable as the golf course for legitimate networking and collegial interaction. You’ll also find that lawyers are now increasingly found on LinkedIn (the professional’s version of Facebook or an electronic rolodex if you will). You can find me on there along with many of my Hull & Hull LLP colleagues. It is nice to know that whether you like to wear golf shoes or slippers while networking, the choice is yours. 

There are some excellent law blogs out there and if you’d like to see just how many lawyers are blogging as proof of my claim, check out  this website  where you will find blogs on almost every legal topic imaginable (that was a challenge to think up one that isn’t covered yet)!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog when I will point you to some interesting blogs you may find of use including a blog specifically designed to help lawyers avoid risk. Very clever…..

Happy Monday!

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