And Now Some Good News

December 22, 2009 Hull & Hull LLP Estate & Trust Tags: 0 Comments

In the spirit of gift-giving, I offer some optimism:

Canada’s economic data is fairly good, according to this National Post report.  Growth is strong and consistent, retail levels are almost back to pre-recession levels.  Very happy news after two brutal years for a lot of people.  Gasoline prices were down.  S&S/TSE Composite Index up 51% from March 9 through November 30, 2009.  Even Ottawa has a good outlook for next year.

No hurricanes this year, no tsunamis, no asteroid strikes.  Enough snow on the ground to qualify as a white Christmas, but mercifully the cold just hit last week.    And in December, the odds against the Maple Leafs making the playoffs improved this month, to "infinity minus 1 to1".  All in all, things to feel positive about, and signs of hope.

The United States may be building up incomprehensible debt, China’s vast reserves of "international currency" built up over the past 20 years may be a prisoner to a falling US dollar, Europe may be stalling and slipping, Dubai may be insolvent, but not to worry: Canada is faring quite well, relatively speaking of course.  So we’re the best.

Enjoy your day,

Chris Graham

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