Dying With Dignity

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In a captivating article authored by Kent Sepkowitz, an infectious-disease specialist at a Cancer Center in New York City, he recounts the practical difficulties when someone dies at home – doing it yourself can be thorny and chaotic without the administrative help of Hospitals.

Specifically, when someone dies at home, a licensed professional must determine that the person is indeed dead.  While this should be arranged in advance with the doctor, the timing may not ultimately work out.  If no doctor is available, the other option is to call an ambulance…for a dead person.  There are reportedly other annoyances as well, including:

·                    the death certificate must be completed in black ink (using only certain approved diagnoses);

·                    an undertaker needs to be selected; and

·                    law enforcement must be called to establish that no foul play occurred – not an investigation anyone wants to deal with after just losing a loved one.

Mr. Sepkowitz notes that, with the active support of hospice care, savings could come from facilitating the wishes of those who choose to die at home.  He also considers what is likely the more important benefit of assuring tranquility and dignity for the person dying and their family.

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