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Rule 74.15 – Orders for Assistance

After a long and relaxing weekend, most of us now return to work geared to face the challenges of our week.  I start my blog by discussing the recent issue of the Probater.

The Probater is a quarterly newsletter that is prepared by the lawyers at Hull & Hull LLP and is provided to the community as an information service.  Our most recent newsletter was released in September 2009.  In the September 2009 issue, Jonathan Morse writes about the fundamental principles behind Rules 74 and 75 of The Rules of Civil Procedure, but more particularly focuses his article on the purpose behind Rule 74.15.

Rule 74.15 allows “any person who appears to have a financial interest in an estate” to obtain orders that would assist them in administering an estate. There is an abundance of case law that defines financial interest and clarifies the threshold question as to who may have a financial interest in an estate.

In his article, Jonathan does a good job in explaining the application of such orders and concludes by referring to a recent decision of the Honourable Justice Brown in Barletta v. Donne, which highlights the recent application of Rule 74.15. 

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