Another Fresh Perspective on Succession Planning

August 5, 2009 Hull & Hull LLP Estate & Trust Tags: , , , 0 Comments

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a gentleman named Franco Lombardo from Vancounver B.C. who has pioneered the concept of "authentic wealth" in the context of succession planning.  Franco has written two books:  Life After Wealth and Money Motto both of which deal with and elaborate on his core concepts of devising strategies for individuals who want to create a meaningful personal legacy. 

In Lombardo’s words: "Authentic Wealth involves seeing, understanding and releasing fears around money, and, at the same time, embracing a deeper understanding of who we are, why we are here, and how we create meaning through the choices we make every day"

Franco has founded Veritage, a company through which he consults with clients with a view towards a more holistic succession planning strategy.   The concept of collaboration between a testator and his or her beneficiaries in realizing family objectives has also been explored by Ian Hull of our office and his concept of the Family Conference as a means of avoiding estate litigation. 

David M. Smith

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