Another Reason to Respect Your Elders

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They bound me with masking tape until I looked like a mummy. It took them
quite a while because they ran out of breath. When they loaded me into the
car I thought I was a dead man.
– James Arnburn, financial adviser and alleged kidnapping victim

Having lost their savings to Florida’s boom-and-bust property market, and apparently sporting one heckuva grudge, Roland and Willy, ages 74 and 60, respectively, reportedly clobbered their financial adviser, James Arnburn, with a walker, bound him with duct tape, then took him for a long drive in the trunk of their Audi. After arriving at Roland’s home a mere 300 miles away, they were joined by retired doctors Gerhard and Iris, ages 63 and 66. The foursome proceeded to hold Mr. Arnburn captive in an unheated cellar for four days, during which time they allegedly burned him with cigarettes, beat him with a chair leg, and even threatened him with the Russian mafia. Armed commandos were eventually scrambled, the house was stormed and Mr. Arnburn was rescued from his ordeal.

According to the Daily Telegraph, this is only the latest example of what is being referred to as ‘silver crime’ – ‘the violent backlash of pensioners who feel cheated by the world.’ To wit, the Times Online reported that over the course of nine years, a group of pensioners dubbed the Grandpa Gang and ‘armed’ with carrots in their pockets, robbed 14 banks across Germany in an attempt to boost their retirement savings and alleviate their disgust over the size of bankers’ bonuses. The trio won’t be back at the bridge table for about ten years, possibly less for good behaviour.

Jennifer Hartman, Guest Blogger


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