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As previously blogged on by Paul Trudelle, the evidence required for the court to properly consider whether an administration bond should be dispensed with was clearly set out by Brown J. in the Re Henderson case 2008 CanLII 69136. But what if the answer is no and you must post a bond?    

One option is to go to the Ontario Lawyers Probate Bond Service. It was designed by Gamble & Associates Insurance Ltd. with their over 50 years experience in providing Probate Bonds. There is a simple 7-step process that walks you through the Fiduciary Bond Application and asks questions that you can fill in quickly and easily. There is 24-hour turnaround in most cases. The system was made possible through close association with The Guarantee Company of North America, a well-respected licensed surety company.

Click here for a list of the Gamble & Associates offices. If there is a bond coming soon to an Estate Trustee near you, you can give them a call to set up an account and access the service online.

For more information on administration bonds see Natalia Angelini’s paper, The Tricky Business of Administration Bonds, presented at Hull & Hull LLP’s Estate Trust and Capacity Law Breakfast Series. 

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