Day Eleven of the Olympics and Counting

August 18, 2008 Hull & Hull LLP News & Events Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

Today, if I have my count right, is day eleven of the Olympics. For certain, the Olympics stimulate debate on a spectrum of important social, political, economic and, of course, athletic issues of our time. I do not intend to touch upon those debates. Over the past ten days of the Olympics, however, incredible stories of the athletes have arisen, and will no doubt continue to arise. Some, like Michael Phelps’ eight gold medals, involve incredible success, almost beyond one’s imagination, while others involve success on a more personal level or, as the saying goes, the agony of defeat. These stories, from whatever viewpoint, are quite remarkable and have no doubt involved the setting of objectives, planning and dedication and commitment to the goal.

While perhaps obvious, it continues to strike me as to the extent that these athletes live in the moment or for the day. So much rises and falls for them with one or in some cases several performances. What onlookers of the Olympics take away from the Olympics is no doubt personal but perhaps the notion of setting objectives, striving to obtain them while living for the day is the most universal.

What do these stories actually have to do with Estates? From a legal standpoint, nothing. However, perhaps the above notion may focus us to consider our own legacy and the steps that have been taken, or should be taken now, to ensure that those that benefit from that legacy are the intended ones.

Keep watching.


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