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The late Leona Helmsley has remained eccentric to the end, leaving $12 million to a trust to take care of her dog, Trouble, while leaving nothing to two grandchildren, apparently "for reasons that are known to them".  Although a standout in so many ways, it seems to me Ms. Helmsley is not so unusual in wanting to see what is reported to have been a beloved pet live in comfort, even opulence, after her departure. It is no secret that people can be extremely close to their pets, in some cases closer even than to other people.

It may seem a waste to spend fortunes taking care of dogs, with so many people and causes that might benefit, but I do note that the residue of Ms. Helmsley’s estate is to be given to a Charitable Trust.  It may be that once little Trouble finally follows his owner to that opulent doghouse in the sky, the remaining monies set aside for him will go to the same trust.

If a Will reflects the desire to provide for or thank those closest to you it is really not so surprising when people take extra special care to make absolutely sure their pets are protected. Sometimes those same pets made the testator’s last years or months much more bearable than otherwise.

$12 million, though, should definitely keep Trouble in the finest dog food for some time. No doubt an emphatic way to say "Good dog".

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