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Ode to Brian at the OBA Trusts & Estates Section Year End Dinner

In Paul Trudelle’s blog of May 31, 2007, Paul commented on the tribute to Brian Schnurr at the Ontario Bar Association Trusts & Estates Section Year End Dinner held on May 30, 2007.  At the Dinner, Brian received the OBA’s Award of Excellence for Trusts & Estates.

Aside from speeches regaling and praising Brian’s accomplishments there was also a surprise tribute written by Rodney Hull Q.C. LSM (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) which was sung by Duncan Miller:


He is the very model of a Chancery practitioner
And knows the subtle difference ‘twixt respondent and petitioner
As well he knows that naught with wills is elementary
Except it’s clear that intention must be testamentary
He draws his wills in language incomprehensible
And fobs them off on clients as meaningful and sensible
Although his fees are oft described in terms such as rapacious
They are always paid on time with thanks from clients most gracious
He knows as well to draft his wills with very great acuity
He also knows to stay away from gifts in perpetuity
Unless of course the wish is to benefit some charity
In which case he must specify intent with greater clarity
With words he often tends to convolute
To change a gift from contingent to absolute
At home of little else they talk but the rule in Browne and Moody
To do otherwise it would be a breach of his clear duty
Interpretation of his wills he leaves for the courts to unravel
Which provides an ample and extensive fund for his extensive travel

Duncan did a very charming job of bringing the verse to life and capping a wonderful evening.