Lawyers and the Telework Revolution

March 23, 2007 Hull & Hull LLP Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations Tags: , , , 0 Comments

A few weeks ago, in the face of a snowstorm, I decided to work from home and avoid the messy commute to our downtown Toronto offices. I’m happy to report that I was quite productive that day, notwithstanding the lure of hot chocolate, pajamas and a good movie.

With the advent of Blackberrys, high-speed Internet, e-mail and remote computer access, more and more lawyers are changing the way they work, including where they work. More lawyers are learning to operate from home-based workspaces, at least some of the time. This allows lawyers to be more flexible and juggle the competing demands of work and family. You can get home for dinner with the family, and then catch up on e-mails and get a head start on the next day’s work. I personally telecommute every day, thanks to my Blackberry.

Is there a telework revolution afoot in the legal profession? Many studies show that teleworking two to three days a week actually increases productivity. It certainly leads to increased flexibility and mobility. However, my own view is that it would be difficult to work 100 percent of the time from home. The practice of law involves personal contact, with both colleagues and clients.

It is likely too early to tell whether a revolution is taking place. However, there’s no denying that the telework age is here, and lawyers are reaping the benefits, at least some of the time.

Have a great day!

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