Organizing your Family with New Technology

December 11, 2006 Hull & Hull LLP New Media Observations Tags: , , , , , , 0 Comments

On a recent Marketing Monger podcast of November 22, the host of the show, Eric, spoke with the owners of a start-up company called Famundo. This is a company that has designed a computer software program expressly for the use of families and community organizations.

This interesting company has created organizational software that is much more than simply another “appointments calendar” program.

During the podcast, Eric pressed his guests on this issue and we were told about all of the different additional add-on features of what is a program designed to help busy families to better organize their world.

One such add-on feature is the fact that Famundo encourages the use of its program by community organizations or school groups. For example, your school may use the program to create its own agenda and address book, which can then be easily linked to Famundo’s program being operated out of your home. This allows for easy integration between the school or community group that you are involved with and your own personal calendar.

There are also additional add-on features with respect to access to the calendar from remote services and eventually access is apparently going to be created through your PDA and/or cell phone.
Famundo emphasizes the fact that the program will help to control and organize all of your family activities. In our busy world, a program of this nature makes a lot of sense to those of us juggling family and work life. As a result, we intend to look into the programming to try it out. Once we have done so, we will report back in a future blog.

All the best, Ian & Suzana.

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