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Dr. Ken Envoy has written a book, "Make Your Site Sell! 2002", which initiated his creation of a course package for Internet marketing. The package explains the three steps of successful Internet marketing. Make Your Site Sell is a guide that instructs readers how to increase sales through leading with product. The course teaches you how to develop and position products for the Web, whether you sell one product or sell many in an online store. Furthermore, we’re told that you must create a site that attracts customers and showcases your product and, thus, brings targeted traffic to your site. Evoy also impresses the importance of having a vision for your online business in order for you to be able to successfully work towards that goal.

Envoy proclaims that there are essentially four fundamental realities to using the Web to provide information and directing interested traffic your way – Content, Traffic, Pre-Selling and Monetization.

One must not forget that, as a lawyer, your billable time determines your income AND your non-billable time determines your future.

Marketing is a full contact sport. However, the business side of the law should not be forgotten and it can be helpful to, from time to time, create a business plan to serve as a blueprint for your law firm’s financial success. Without a business plan, a firm is essentially rudderless, and day-to-day decisions are likely to be haphazard and reactive, in stark contrast to those firms implementing a well thought-out business plan. Designed for lawyers, "The Lawyer’s Guide to Creating Your Business Plan" is a complete, easy-to-use customized Windows-based software package, that is the fastest, easiest way to research and write a winning business plan for a law firm. It’s perfect for new or existing law firms, of every size.

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