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In a recent podcast presented by one of the world’s leading podcasters, C.C. Chapman (June 17/06 – Managing the Gray) made several important points. He was discussing the fact that, in a recent podcasting chat forum that he was participating in, someone suggested that podcasting was not something that a business should be interested in as it was purely an entertainment vehicle.

C.C. Chapman strongly disagreed with this suggestion and indicated that, at the end of the day, podcasting is truly about content and every business is in the business of producing content. He emphasized the fact that quality content is something that a business always wants to reach out to its customers with, and he stressed that we must not engage in podcasting that is more sales-oriented. He further emphasized the fact that we should be focusing our podcasting on the content, as opposed to the presentation and the glitzy format.

C.C. Chapman cites as an illustration the use of podcasting by mainstream media such as BusinessWeek Magazine. BusinessWeek Magazine has a weekly podcast that is focused on its weekly cover story. The editor and the author of the article conduct a podcast to expand upon the paper version of the story on the cover of BusinessWeek. This is an excellent illustration of how to use podcasting in a business environment and how to use it in a way that enhances an existing marketing plan.

In C.C. Chapman’s view, business podcasting is a must and it can be used both internally to work through messaging within your own organization, or externally.

As a final note, it was interesting that C.C. Chapman’s podcast on this topic was done out of his car with a digital recorder as he sat and waited in a mall before going in to shop. C.C. indicated that he simply couldn’t wait any longer and he wanted to produce his podcast as the topic was fresh in his mind. Not only was it an excellent podcast, it was another demonstration of the importance of simply getting good content out and not being overly concerned about the production value and the slickness of the podcast product itself.

All the best, Suzana and Ian.